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It’s our calling to redefine the ways brands connect with people, and to ignite moments of meaning.
We expect everything we do to be ingenious, insight-led, and polished to perfection. No matter
what channel, media or technology we use, we create work that inspires.



DEM Design

While we’re known for our concept designs, there’s more Vision than that. We’re inventors, creators and storytellers. We’re obsessed with craft and polish things until they shine. Above all we’re interested in people. Everything we do is based on human insights – we want to create work that moves people.



DEM Engineering

The best way to predict the future is to invent it



That means we’re restless. Hungry. Always asking questions (usually the difficult ones other people
aren’t asking). We’re squinting at the horizon, waiting for the next speck of potential to appear.


Why? Because Future Thinkers have a burning desire to be the first with things.


To play you that mind-blowing album, or show you that incredible picture, or take you to that little secret
hole-in the-wall place for the very first time.


To see your eyes open wide and your face light up. Future Thinkers are the authors of new experiences.

We run on technology, ideas, imagination, adrenalin, ambition. We create things. Mash them up. Hash them out. Take risks. Lose sleep over it. We have mad dreams and failed experiments and moments of sheer genius.


The distilled product of this science? Magic.


DEM Marketing

Strategy, creative and technology are key parts of what we do. But we also have our own media arm, and an invention arm that lets us make up our own rules for technology. We’re a team of future thinkers and crazy diamonds, and we have big ambitions. Together, we have the power to create brilliance.




DEM mob TV Media gives you access to all dimensions of brand

expression required to amplify your brand


We command the whole suite of brand amplification options, leaving

no channel unexplored for your brand.

mob TV


We specialise in building high quality, functional interctive experiences for our clients and their users.


Our team of designers, developers, ar-engineers and social media marketers are experts

at building successful brands and online business. With services ranging from logo and

 identity design to native web and iPad applications.


Our services include:

  • Branding and identity Design
  • Brand and marketing strategies
  • Website Design
  • Print and Marketing Materials
  • iPad and web applications
  • Social Media Management
  • Distribution channel marketing
  • Advertising
  • Internationalization strategies
  • Digital marketing and production
  • Video production
  • Print production
  • Communications and marketing PR
  • Package design and production
  • POS Design
  • Augmented Reality
  • Providing influential services in Finland and abroad
  • Graphics Design






DEM Vision Ltd

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